The Woodchuck is the sidekick of Peter Piper who appears in both the Problem of the Pickled Peppers and the Return of Peter Piper. He always carries a wooden log whitch he throws at people.

Appearances Edit

The Problem of the Pickled Peppers Edit

He first appears in the second panel robbing a hardware store with two PP-Bots. But before they can leave Mrs. Destroyer runs in and kills both robots, but he escapes into his hole before she can get him.

Later, when the heroes enter Peter Piper's underground farm, he reappears and tries to beat them. the woodchuck throws his log at Surfer Fred, but it bounces off his surfboard and hits him in the face.

He briefly appears near the end when Fred hits him again, knocking him out. He also appears in the second-to-last panel, in the cave with Peter, and the bagpiper mentions he had dug up this tunnel so they could survive

The Return of Peter Piper Edit

In the first scene he is watching TV with Peter Piper, and mentions that if the Tin Man is heartless, that would mean he is evil.

In one of the scenes of Peter Piper's movie (The Pollywog) he is seen as a minor villain, "the brown weasel", also wearing groucho glasses. He knocks the surfer into a trash can in the scene.

When Mrs. destroyer smashes the PP-Bots in the Evil Lair Casting, he goes to see what's going on, but gets punched it the face, breaking off the glasses.

He doesn't reappear until the second-to-last panel, where the heroes punch him and Peter in the face and send them to jail

Trivia Edit

  • His font is corbel in brown colored letters exept in one panel, where he erroniously speaks in black letters with a totally different font