Tin man2

The Tin Man is the robot helper of Peter Piper. There is a plan to build him in The Problem of the Pickled Peppers, but he doesn't appear until The Return of Peter Piper. He is a parody of the Wizard of Oz character of the same name. He carries an axe that he uses as a weapon.

Appearances Edit

The Return of Peter Piper Edit

He appears in the middle of the comic, though only his arm and axe are shown. He changes around the letters of hollywood so it says the word "Pollywog". He changes the H into a P and the O into a G and he takes the D away.

He comes back and fights Mrs. Destroyer in the end, where his face is first seen. they fight with the axe and the wrench as if they were swords. Mrs. Destroyer pops out one of his eyes and rips off his axe, so he grabs the D that he had taken from hollywood and chases her with it, but a pepper that Peter Piper had fired wrong burns through his arm, causing the D to fall and crush him.

The last panel shows his smashed body forming the THE END letters, with the big D as the last letter.