It is the fourth comic in the series, and the sequel to the Problem of the Pickled Peppers. It was finished in August 2014. In it, Peter Piper and Woodchuck reappear, and it introduces Pancake to the series.

Plot Edit

It begins with Peter Piper and Woodchuck watching the Wizard of Oz, when they get the idea to build an evil Tin Man.

The next scene shows Pancake robbing a bank, but he is caught by Mrs. Destroyer and gets put back in jail. She then walks down to the Destroyer cave where Surfer Fred hears an advertisement for a movie called The Pollywog that is asking to hire a surfing superhero.

Fred arrives to the Evil Lair Casting, wher Peter Piper, hearing a director hat and groucho glasses, hires him. (after rejecting Silver Surfer). His first scene involves fighting the "brown weasel" (Woodchuck wearing groucho glasses), and he asks for a stuntman but is rejected.

Meanwhile, Pancake escapes from jail by becoming flat and flying through the barred window. Mrs. Destroyer sees him, and chases after him. They continue chasing each other up a hill until they reach the Evil Lair Casting, where Mrs. Destroyer is ambushed by PP-Bots, and stops to fight them allowing Pancake to escape.

Peter Piper, in a pollywog costume, does another scene in witch he tries to kill Surfer Fred, and tells Tin Man to change the letters of hollywood into pollywog, whitch he does.

Mrs. Destroyer punches Woodchuck in the face, breaking his groucho glasses, and then fights Tin Man using her wrench as a sword to block Tin Man's axe. Fred knocks Peter's costume and glasses off while Mrs. Destroyer rips Tin Man's axe off, so he grabs the D of hollywood, that he had taken from the sign earlier, and chases her with it.

Peter fires an acid pepper at Fred, but he dodges it and it burns Tin Man's arm off instead, so the D falls and crushes him. The two villains go to jail, while the final panel shows Pancake saying "I escaped!" under the THE END letters.

Characters that appear Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Changes from first draft:
  • The first draft had the main 2 villains wearing masks instead of groucho glasses.
  • Peter Piper sneezed off his mask rather than getting it knocked off when Surfer Fred threw the TV at him
  • Woodchuck turns his log into a log-drill to try to kill Fred at the end, but it also got burned from the pepper Peter threw. This was removed from the final comic, although Woodchuck is seen building the log-drill in the second panel
  • A whole scene where Peter and Woodchuck try to kill Fred after he knocks Peter's glasses off, where the log-drill is shown, was removed