The Problem of the Pickled Peppers is the 3rd comic in the series. It is the first one in whitch Peter Piper and Woodchuck appear. It is followed by its sequel, The Return of Peter Piper.

Plot Edit

Woodchuck and two PP-Bots are robbing Bob's Hardware, when Mrs. Destroyer jumps in and kills both robots, but the Woodchuck escapes.

One day later, Mrs. Destroyer smashes 889-Q's head off, and it is found by a PP-Bot, who takes it into Peter Piper's evil lair. Mrs. Destroyer, Surfer Fred and 889-Q's body follow him, but the body falls and gets smashed to bits. The two heroes see all the pickled pepper trees, but get attacked by Woodchuck and several PP-Bots. They beat up the villains, and Mrs. Destroyer breaks into the storage room and mixes the peppers and metal stuff, destroying three robots in the process. But then she is hit in the back of the head with Woodchuck's log, and gets put in a cage.

The heroine tears apart the bars of the cage and sees Peter Piper, who tries to burn her with acid peppers. The peppers bounce off her Unundecium wrench, and blow up Pete's bagpipes, sending him flying backwards, so he accidentally presses the self-destruct button. Mrs. Destroyer and Surfer Fred escape the place during the last 10 seconds, and the whole underground farm explodes.

However, Peter Piper and the Woodchuck escape because the Woodchuck dug up a hole big enough to fit them, letting them escape the explosion.

Characters that appear Edit