Pancake is a supervillain with the power ofmorphing into a flat pancake and back into a human. This allows him to slide under doors or between barred windows in jails. He had a supporting role in The Return of Peter Piper, and will return in The Fight of the FOODIES.

Appearances Edit

The Return of Peter Piper Edit

Near the beggining he robs a bank by sliding under the door with the money, but gets trapped by Mrs. Destroyer and put back in jail "for the 15th time".

He later escapes through the barred windows but gets caught by Mrs. Destroyer. He tries to escape up a hill with a car, but the hero tears the car apart with her wrench and string. He continues running until he reaches Peter Piper's Evil Lair Casting. There, Mrs. Destroyer is stopped by the PP-Bots, allowing him to run away.

He doesn't reappear until the last panel, where he is seen running through "The End" while saying "I got away!"