The Moon is seen in the background of many squares, usually in the intro. In the Super Snowstorm he had a somewhat relevnt role, but has appeared in all comics exept for the Return of Peter Piper

Appearances Edit

In both the Power of Invisibility and The Super Snowstorm, the moon is shown in the introduction smiling when the thieves and robots are about, but sad when Mrs. Destroyer beats them up. In the Super Snowstorm the moon is also knocked out of the sky by a sewer cover thrown in the air, and much later in the story appears and breaks the rock where Mrs. Destroyer was standing to throw her to the floor. Surfer Fred uses the moon as a boomerang to beat the thief that stole his surfboard. Near the end of the comic the sun puts it back in the sky.

In the Problem of the Pickled Peppers, the first panel shows him looking kind of sad and hurt, and he hasn't appeared since