889-Q is a robot that appears in the Problem of the Pickled Peppers. He is shown saying nothing but "Beep. Boop. I'm bad"

Appearances Edit

In The problem of the Pickled Peppers, to lure of the PP-Bots into going to their secret hideout, Mrs. Destroyer wacks 889-Q's head off. The PP-bot takes the head and presses a button that opens into Peter Piper's secret lair. Mrs. Destroyer, Surfer Fred and 889-Q's body walk into the place, but the body falls against the floor and explodes.

His head is later seen getting put in the storage room with the other metal stuff to build Tin Man, and the very top of the head is seen broken to pieces because of the explosion in the last square under the "the end", saying "Beep. Boop. I'm still bad."

Trivia Edit

  • The original draft of the first panel of The Return of Peter Piper showed the TV leaning on the smashed head, but this was later removed